We provide integrated services across all tax disciplines to assist corporate and individuals in creating strategies, comply with the prevailing regulation and deal with various tax issues. We help our clients to optimize tax efficiency and contribute to overall corporate strategy through the formulation of an effective tax planning. Our dedicated tax professionals are equipped and trained with a strong technical understanding of tax regulations and tax dispute environment.

We offer tailored individual tax compliance services that meet our clients’ needs and mitigation on any potential risks and penalties. Our individual tax compliance services include:

  • Tax Registration
  • Annual and Monthly Individual Income Tax Return
  • Tax De-Registration

As tax laws and regulations are constantly changes, we can help your businesses to minimize risk and inefficiencies as well as comply with the prevailing regulations. With our experienced professionals, we always provide consistent high-quality services. Our corporate tax compliance services include:

  • Annual and Monthly Corporate Income Tax Returns
  • Annual and Monthly Employee (Payroll) Income Tax Returns
  • Monthly Withholding Tax Returns
  • Monthly VAT Returns

We offer comprehensive tax planning and advisory services which include identifying tax implications, determining potential risk and providing insight or solutions on your transactions, deals and queries. We provide tax advisory services which are focused on mitigating tax risk and minimizing cost.

Whether you are considering acquisition of new businesses, disposal of existing operation or merger process, we can help you to identify tax risk and provide tax planning to minimise transaction costs. Our mergers and acquisitions team provide tax advice for:

  • Tax Due Diligence
  • Tax Structuring Advice for Acquisitions and Disposals
  • Tax Modelling Work
  • Post Deal Integration

We have a strong tax dispute team who possesses deep technical understanding, detailed knowledge of the tax dispute environment and a wide network within the tax authorities and tax court. Our experience will ensure optimal advice and service in assisting clients at every stage of tax disputes. Our goal is to work with clients to prevent disputes before they arise and resolve matters that are subject to challenge by the tax authorities. Our areas of tax disputes services cover:

  • Tax Audit
  • Tax Objection
  • Tax Appeals
  • Reconsideration Process

As transfer pricing has become an issue to tax authorities worldwide including Indonesia, managing your related party transactions becomes really crucial. Our commitment is to provide transfer pricing solutions, assist in preparing transfer pricing documentation to support each related party transaction and resolve disputes efficiently.


We handle client's bookkeeping process regularly that includes establishing an appropriate Chart of Accounts, recording all accounting transactions, maintaining general ledgers and improving the accuracy of your financial statements and tax returns. By entrusting your accounting function to SDS, it will reduce operating costs, improve company focus and increase efficiency of your business.​


SDS provides a full range of confidential payroll services for your businesses that covers management of payroll and employee data. We ensure that salaries, BPJS and relevant tax is calculated in accordance with appropriate regulations. We manage the time-consuming tasks of payroll processing and employee payroll tax filling so that you can focus on running your business.